The desire to help my nephew, who was allergic to soy, find a soy sauce substitute that was healthy.

Then, as desires tend to do, the desire grew to include…

A desire for food that was not only healthy, but shamelessly tasty…

And a desire to help busy people leading busy lives access nutritious foods that taste good and are good for body, mind, and planet.

Naked Coconuts

Good for Me, Good for You, Good for the Planet too.

Shameless Health

I spent hours researching soy sauce substitutes, coconut aminos and coconut oils and where to buy sustainable coconut oil.

The result was Naked Coconuts: nakedly nutritious, nakedly transparent about our ingredients, and nakedly shameless about our desire to be a company that is dedicated to environmental conservation, animal welfare, and having fun.

Because I truly believe that people who desire change, can make change happen.

Blameless Products

At Naked Coconuts, we truly believe that consumerism can change the world with a simple solution – simply shop for sustainable products.

We truly believe that a caring consumer culture can help create healthy communities that protect the future of our planet for all who live on it.

We micro source our coconut products, working only with small family run farms instead of large plantations that cause deforestation problems. Part of each purchase goes back to investing in the family farms to help them improve operations and support organic sustainable farming.

We work exclusively with farms that use sustainable practices — past, present, and future.