It started with a desire to help my nephew, who was allergic to soy. I wanted to find a soy sauce substitute that was healthy.

Then, as desires tend to do, it became a passion that drove me to do more.

I wanted to make food that was not only healthy, but shamelessly tasty.

And I wanted to make sure that busy people leading busy lives would have access to those foods.

Foods that weren’t just bold in flavour but were also outrageously good for the body and the planet.

This is where it all began…

Naked Natural Foods

Good For You, Good For All, Good For The Planet Too

ShamelessLY HealthY

I spent hours researching soy sauce substitutes, coconut aminos and coconut oils as well as where to buy sustainable coconut oil.

The result was Naked Natural Foods.

It was more than a perfect union of flavour and nutrition and being shamelessly transparent with our ingredients.

We wanted to be a fearless company, one that dared to go further and do more with a dedication to environmental conservatism and animal welfare.

And still be able to have fun doing it.

It’s like this: I truly believe that people who desire change can make change happen.


We can all make a difference. We just have to decide it’s important to us.

At Naked Natural Foods, we believe that you – and people just like you – can change the world by making small changes. Like shopping for sustainable products.

We also believe that when you’re truly committed to something, when you’re genuinely passionate about it, you can help create healthy communities that are also invested in protecting our planet – not just for those of us who are here now but for generations to come.

This is why we micro source our coconut products, working only with small family-run farms, instead of large plantations that cause deforestation problems.

What’s more, a portion of each product purchased is returned as an investment in those family farms to help them improve operations and support organic, sustainable farming.

We work exclusively with farms that use sustainable farming practices and are as committed to preservation and stewardship as much as we are.